“I’ve spent each of my NFL off seasons training at Ignition with Clif Marshall.  I like the holistic approach that allows me to train speed, power and stamina all in the same training session.  The workouts are always specific to my position.  They have a great atmosphere with an awesome coaching staff.”


Coming to Atlanta,

Georgia SOON

Do you want to improve your speed coming of the edge as a defensive end?  Have break away speed as a running back or wide receiver? Have lock down quickness as a defensive back/safety?  Speed to open up the holes for your speedy running back?  If so, then this program is for YOU!

The Ignition Sports 4.4 Combine prepares student-athletes for the forthcoming College Combine season.  College Coaches look for athletes who can make a play.  Who can turn a 10 yard reception into a 80 yard touchdown.  Players who can defend speedy receivers.  Offensive lineman who can quickly pull and get to their spot and open holes for players.  We will teach you techniques that will improve your 40 yard dash; your 10 yard sprint and more!

NFL players such as Carolina Panthers Super Star, Luke Kuechly, works with our professional trainers and staff every off season.  Last year, several collegiate players, in our program, were not projected to get drafted by NFL teams.  However, after working with our trainers, coaches and professional staff,  4 were drafted by NFL teams.

Many players earn college scholarship offers while attending college combines……make this your opportunity to do so.  This is a small investment with a great return.

This program is OPEN to players of ALL positions.  Don’t go to a College Combine unprepared.  We will help you get to the next level.


“Training at Ignition® was the best and most important decision I have made for my football career. Clif is a true student and coach of the science of the NFL® Combine. The daily individual attention in every drill we did made all the difference. The spiritual aspect of the program was my favorite part as it helped me become a better person and athlete.


Don’t go into these combines not prepared, these combines are used to evaluate an athlete’s physical abilities as he performs a series of football-specific tests.  Ignition Sports uses the most advanced instructional methods and training aids to fully prepare the athlete, similar to the NFL Combine Training.  You will learn the following;


  • Speed and Acceleration Development
  • 40 yard dash Start Position technique
  • 40 yard dash Running Mechanics & Acceleration
  • Pro Agility Shuttle Start Technique
  • Pro Agility Shuttle Cutting and Acceleration
  • 3 Cone Drill Testing and Technique
  • Video Analysis
  • Nutritional Evaluation, Consultation
  • Agility and Mobility
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Position Specific Skills
  • Flexibility Balance Stabilization
  • Explosive Power and Core Strength
  • Injury Reduction and Rehabilitation