What our clients say about their experiences?


Thanks for another great, organized, professional tournament.  We were very happy with the tournament.  Thanks for working with me on the schedule.


Georgia Storm
“The program has been together for three years and this team is their first season playing together. I wanted to come here to get them ready mentally and take them for an experience outside the state, so when we go to nationals they won’t be intimidated.
Most of the players have not been outside the state so I figured it would be a good time before the nationals. We have kids from different areas of town (of Saginaw) so they are starting to get to know each other and play together.
There is no better way to get to know somebody better than being on a road trip like this in a van for 12 hours. This tournament has been really good for our team.”
Eric Riley Saginaw, Michigan

Just wanted to reach out & express how much the Reach Higher Kings organization has enjoyed playing in Halftime Sports events over the past several years! We really appreciate how you run well-organized, reasonably-priced tournaments with good competition in good facilities. That’s a combination that’s not always easy to find. Wishing you continued success & you know we’ll be back again next year!

Mike Adamson (Reach Higher Kings)
Halftime Sports and its staff are exemplary in the way in which they run their spring/summer travel basketball tournaments. Games run on time, communication is open, concise, and timely. The Unit Basketball Club, LLC will be playing their tournaments for years to come. Thank you!!
Wallace House Team Unit